Three settings,
One signature in La Rochelle

In La Rochelle, Christopher Coutanceau, chef-fisherman, and Nicolas Brossard, master of the House, open the doors of their home, overlooking the Océan.

Christopher Coutanceau's signature is epitomized in three epicurean settings: Restaurant Christopher Coutanceau , 3 Michelin stars on La Concurrence Beach, La Yole de Chris , marine-themed bistro and place-to-be, and La Villa Grand Voile , intimate Relais & Châteaux hotel.

As advocates of art of living where everything that's good, that does good and eco-friendliness are but one, Christopher Coutanceau and Nicolas Brossard invite you to indulge in an immersive experience, as fresh, iodized and elegant as sea spray.

Michelin 2022

Restaurant Christopher Coutanceau, 3-starred restaurant in La Rochelle
Enchantingly tinged with the Ocean

The Relais & Châteaux Restaurant Christopher Coutanceau nestling on La Concurrence beach, centre stages chef Christopher Coutanceau's iodized, delicate signature, perfectly complemented in the dining space by Nicolas Brossard.

With its dreamlike atmosphere inspired by the Ocean's variations, its breathtaking vista and its imaginative creator cuisine affiliated with the Grandes Tables du Monde, this three-starred experience adorns the emotional impact of the sea's greatest swells.


La Yole de Chris, marine-themed bistro
Friendliness and catch of the day

La Yole de Chris, adjoining the starred restaurant, invites friendship on-board.

This marine-themed bistro, set on La Concurrence Beach with a large terrace overlooking the Ocean, imagined as a real place-to-be, is a must-go save-the-date: from breakfast through to dinner.

Refreshing, authentic, sunsets to be viewed, wood-fired cuisine, the vibrant Yole invites to set sail and indulge in a "myriad of flavours".


La Villa Grand Voile, Relais & Châteaux hotel
An intimate haven filled with epicurean pleasures

La Villa Grand Voile, just a short walk from the restaurants on La Concurrence Beach, proposes eleven confidential rooms and suites in an 18th-century shipowner's mansion.

With its heated outdoor pool, its terrace and private covered car park, the Relais & Châteaux is a pure delight for epicurean pleasures.

Destination Coutanceau, La Rochelle, Nicolas Brossard and Christopher Coutanceau

Establishment commitments & values

We write the word Ocean with a capital "O", just like one would write the word passion with a capital "P". For Christopher Coutanceau, the Ocean has been his faithful friend right from the word 'go', a friend that he contemplates with affection yet treats with reverence.

As an advocate for sustainable fishing based on species' biological rhythm, the chef is committed on a daily basis to protecting marine resources. The Ocean's seasons and local artisanal fishing determine his menus and he excludes species that are threatened or in their reproductive periods.

By using every part of fish in his cuisine and by championing zero waste, he makes eco-friendliness an ingrained essential value. In line with this, the dedicated chef partners with marine resource protection associations such as Bloom alongside whom he fought to prohibit deep-sea trawling and electric fishing in Europe.

Christopher Coutanceau, renowned for his eco-friendly cuisine was honoured in 2019 with a sustainable gastronomy prize, a first-ever in the history of the Michelin Guide.

This year, once again, his green star has also been renewed, illustrating his strong environmental ethics and responsible management. The starred Restaurant Christopher Coutanceau, La La Villa Grand Voile, La Yole de Chris, each of the three Establishments promotes the same sustainable commitment.

On a daily basis, excellence is a driver, rigour a postulate and hospitality a leitmotiv. As skippers of pure, since art of living, Christopher Coutanceau and Nicolas Brossard welcome guests with passion.

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