La Yole de Chris - La Rochelle - Maisons Coutanceau
Salle de La Yole de Chris Restaurant Bord de Mer La Rochelle, Plage de la Concurrence
La Yole de Chris Restaurant Bord de Mer La Rochelle, Plage de la Concurrence

La Yole de Chris, Restaurant on the waterfront in La Rochelle, on La Concurrence Beach

La Yole's atmosphere

Christopher Coutanceau and Nicolas Brossard's second address is vibrant and authentic, on a par with marine-themed bistro traditions where pleasure is shared, fork in hand.

On La Concurrence Beach in La Rochelle, right next to the starred restaurant, La Yole de Chris invites to discover a warm, friendly seaside atmosphere with long, festive tables, a seafood and fish preparation counter set on a boat, the famous Yole, and bay windows offering a vista over the Atlantic.

In this setting where blues, wood and barbecues reign supreme, the accent is on sharing the joy of savouring seafront cuisine created on the spur of the moment based on the catch of the day. La Yole de Chris, with its shellfish, seafood and wonderfully-drinkable wines served indoors and out on the large terrace with its breathtaking panorama over the Ocean, dazzles with its friendly spirit.

An invitation in the morning for a vitamin-packed breakfast, from 11am onwards for fried fish/white wine as you gaze over the Ocean, for lunch, for dinner, as well as for afternoon snacks with crêpes and ice creams galore.

Open non-stop from 9am to 11pm, cocktails on the terrace, blue hues all around and the setting sun as the star of the show, Christopher Coutanceau and Nicolas Brossard's marine-themed bistro is a must-go save-the-date.

Several times during the year it also proposes themed evenings where the whole place buzzes and you're sure to have a magical time.

Plat de La Yole de Chris Restaurant Bord de Mer La Rochelle, Plage de la Concurrence

Culinary identity

Once again, the catch of the day sets the pace. Whole fish grilled, shellfish and seafood, the cuisine in La Yole de Chris, waterfront restaurant in La Rochelle, is as fresh as the water in the Atlantic.

Whether its plancha-style or wood-fired, the catch of the day selected the same morning during the fish auction, ends up on the plates without further ado.

Distinct flavours, the pure intensity of natural, eco-friendly cuisine, here, you delight in the sea in its purest expression: well-seasoned seafood, seared scallops, platters filled with shellfish.

And, with its ultra-gourmet desserts, you can also indulge and delight spoonful after spoonful.

In 2020, the Michelin Guide awarded La Yole de Chris a Michelin plate as well as its new green "sustainable gastronomy" emblem.

All the produce is sourced from local, artisanal fishing that respects the seasons of the Ocean and catch size.

Sun shining on your glasses, briny tastes in your dishes, La Yole de Chris 'phishes' your taste buds.

Plat de La Yole de Chris Restaurant Bord de Mer La Rochelle, Plage de la Concurrence
La Yole de Chris Restaurant Bord de Mer La Rochelle, Plage de la Concurrence
La Yole de Chris - La Rochelle - Maisons Coutanceau

Terrace overlooking the Ocean

The terrace at La Yole de Chris, overlooking the Ocean, is the only one that extends onto a beach in La Rochelle.

With room for 80 guests, it delights those seeking a snack and those with large appetites alike, from breakfast through to evening dinner.

The terrace has all it takes for you to have a great time, whether you choose to stop off for a relaxing coffee, a few oysters to whet the appetite, a sweet waffle for a delectable moment or a multi-coloured cocktail to get the evening going.

At midday, tables are set facing the Ocean, under awnings, adding a touch of freshness and, in the evening, it's the number one spot for admiring the sun going down as it lights up the sky over La Rochelle with an orangey-pink finale.

Terrasse de La Yole de Chris Restaurant Bord de Mer La Rochelle, Plage de la Concurrence

A La Carte and Set Menus

Free-diving in deep water with the à la carte menu and set menus at La Yole de Chris.

The marine-themed bistro on La Concurrence Beach, along the waterfront with its sunkissed terrace, invites to enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience combining catch of the day and wood-fired cuisine.

With its à la carte starters, main dishes and desserts as well as its iodized set "seafood" and "shellfish and seafood" menus, Christopher Coutanceau and Nicolas Brossard's second establishment ushers in a pleasurable breeze, blowing from the coastline of La Rochelle to the dishes centre staged.

Shells, butter, yuzu & combava€16
Iberian cold cuts€18
Scallops carpaccio, caviar Baeri KAVIARI€30
Catch-of-the-day ceviche, exotic fruits €22
Catch-of-the-day gravlax glazed with carrots, cumin and kumquat €21
Grilled young mackerel, celery, Granny Smith, wasabi€18


Main Courses
Selection of sides
Hand-sliced French beef (meat of French origin) tartare 170 g€25
Plancha-style pollock€27
Crispy monkfish    €28
Sole "de petit bateau"€49
Snacked scallops, smashed potatoes€32


Iberian pluma€26
Aged rib-eye steak (about 20 days - meat of French origin)€30
Grilled lobster€85


Sides€6 without the main dish
Homemade French fries 
Green salad 
Smashed potatoes 
Endive marinated in orange, creamy pumpkin, 
cardamom (lactose-free)
Grilled leeks, chestnuts, parsnips, hazelnuts 


Cheese platter€10
Sailor Menu
Up to the age of 8


Paris-La Rochelle pecan praline 
Chocolate, coffee, wispy mousse 
Mont-blanc chestnuts, mandarin 
Tarte Tatin 
Coconut, piña colada 
Gourmet coffee€13


Ice cream sundaes€13
Café liégeois, Dame Blanche, Chocolat liégeois, Colonel, Rétaise, Strawberry Melba 


Ice cream and sorbets 
2 scoops€6
"Excellence" dark chocolate, Coffee, Vanilla, Salted caramel, Pistachio, Caramelized almond praline 
Passion fruit, Lemon, Mango, Coconut, Pear, Pineapple, Blackcurrant, Strawberry, Blood orange, Mandarin 
Gillardeau n°3 special€4 / each
Cabane Océane n°4 cocktail€3 / each


Platter (1 person)€50
6 oysters, 6 prawns, whelks, periwinkles, 1/2 spider crab, 4 clams, bay shrimps 


Shellfish platter (1 person)€50
1 spider crab, 10 prawns, bay shrimps 


Chef’s selection (1 person)€40
5 oysters, 5 prawns, whelks, periwinkles, clams, bay shrimps 


Royal platter (1 person & to order)€95
6 oysters, 1/2 spider crab, whelks, 6 prawns, 1/2 Breton lobster, periwinkles, clams, bay shrimps 


Shellfish and seafood 
Whelks with mayonnaise€14
Spider crab€19
Bouquet of prawns
(Organic, Red Label)
Bay shrimps€11
Bellevue Breton lobster (subject to availability & to order)€90
Half Bellevue Breton lobster€45


La Yole de Chris wine list, imagined to delight everyone, features almost 200 references and invites on a journey across every region of France.

Starting out from La Rochelle with a fine selection of regional wines, it weaves its way around the country from the Jura to the Rhône Valley via the Loire, Alsace and Burgundy, to name but a few, and even goes beyond borders to add a few references from the finest foreign vineyards.

Wine, the master of the House, Nicolas Brossard's favourite domain, is first and foremost a quest that's never satiated, never fulfilled; a quest that conjures up the wine list in tune with best-loved bottles and discoveries.

Wine for friends, wine for sharing, wine for 'epicureans', wine for discerning connoisseurs, the wine list at La Yole de Chris is, above all, the best companion for passionately-imagined iodized cuisine.

Salle de La Yole de Chris Restaurant Bord de Mer La Rochelle, Plage de la Concurrence